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Make your money work for you, while you work for your money.

Are you looking to accumulate and build your wealth? We can show you how to make your wealth work for you by establishing a securities investment strategy that could grow your savings into something sound and substantial.


With almost 40 years of experience, Bob Child, President of Child Group Wealth Management in Boca Raton, Florida has spent a majority of his time investment planning while evaluating the laws of supply and demand as they relate to the securities market. This allows us to identify profitable opportunities and reduce risk, while using a wealth accumulation approach. 
It’s easy to know when to buy; it’s an art to know when to sell. Call us today and learn more about how our buy and sell methodology can make your wealth work for you.

Research and Evaluation

Our knowledge of the securities market and ongoing discipline allows us to identify profitable opportunities within the financial markets and reduce risk.
Think about your favorite sport. Teams are ranked based upon how well they perform against their opponents.  The more games, matches or races won, the higher in ranking the team will go.  The same can apply to the financial markets. Having a strong discipline and strategy combined allows us to effectively deal with today’s rapidly changing economic landscape.

Method to our Discipline: Relative Strength Analysis and Point & Figure methodology

The strategy we employ to grow our client’s assets is based on Relative Strength Analysis. This method allows us to compare all sectors, asset classes, countries, and currencies against each other to determine the leaders and laggards within the markets and adapting as new changes in leadership come about.  These decisions are made utilizing a 120 year old form of analysis invented by Charles Dow, known as Point & Figure charting. 

How can we help you build wealth?          

  • Determine the type of sustainable investments that will be best for your specific goals.

  • Develop and provide guidance on growth strategies.

  • Education on the leaders and the laggards of the market using Point & Figure charting. 

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  • Fixed Income 

    Whether you are a conservative investor looking for monthly cash flow or riskier investor looking for higher yield on your investment, Child Group Wealth Management helps you make money work better for you. 

  • Asset Growth

    Our wealth accumulation program is about steady, consistent growth. We utilize a 120 year old craft known as Point & Figure Charting which allows us to recognize the leading sectors of the market to invest in and the lagging areas of the market to avoid.

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