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Fixed Income

Our integrity is our bond.

Bonds work on a simple and basic premise: they pay out a predetermined interest rate at regular intervals. 

Bob Child’s decades of specializing in the fixed income securities market can help you determine the right bonds for life's necessities. Whether you are a conservative investor looking for monthly cash flow or a more adventurous investor looking for higher yields, Child Group Wealth Management has the intelligence and expertise to guide you. With almost 40 years' experience in fixed income planning, Bob Child, President of Child Group Wealth Management in Boca Raton, Florida, has helped Baby Boomers investing with a steady income stream in their retirement savings. 


Many Baby Boomers are overcome with fear about the financial markets performance in the last few years and have been affected in their retirement planning. The performance of the stock market has caused seniors to grow reluctant when it comes to investing. Many are finding they'll have to work longer to simply recover what's been lost.


Child Group Wealth Management can help make you aware of other alternatives to the stock market to help create a sustainable income stream in retirement. For some, corporate bonds and municipal bonds could be an option. Although there could still be volatility of price with corporate bonds and municipal bonds, we manage the volatility with a fixed maturity date which may lessen the risk of ownership. Corporate bonds and municipal bonds could also provide a steady flow of income through a fixed rate of return.

How can Child Group Wealth Management help you build your fixed income portfolio?

  • We will determine the type of fixed income investments that will work for you.

  • We will determine if bonds are right for you by applying almost 40 years of experience in fixed income securities.

  • We will develop and provide guidance on income strategies.

  • We will teach you how to invest in government and municipal bonds for specific regions. 

  • We can help you consolidate outside fixed-income assets.

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Only you have control to secure your future, so, choose the right advisor to take you there. 

Prices of current bonds decrease when interest rates rise. Because we are operating in a historically low interest rate environment, this is a significant concern in selecting bonds. We work with you to help you understand the risks of developing a portfolio sensitive to the trade-offs between need for current income and the risk of fluctuation prior to maturity. 


  • Fixed Income 

    Whether you are a conservative investor looking for monthly cash flow or riskier investor looking for higher yield on your investment, Child Group Wealth Management helps you make money work better for you. 

  • Asset Growth

    Our wealth accumulation program is about steady, consistent growth. We utilize a 120 year old craft known as Point & Figure Charting which allows us to recognize the leading sectors of the market to invest in and the lagging areas of the market to avoid.

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