Retirement 101

Information is power when planning for retirement. 

Your future begins with education and ends with you taking action.

Whether retirement is 20, 10 or 2 years ahead, retirement planning is key.

Whatever stage of our life we may be in, carefully investment planning for the future, including retirement, is an absolute must. Most of us want to enjoy our golden years without working, but reaching that goal takes time, retirement plans and attention to detail. Getting started now, no matter where you are in life, offers you the chance to ensure your investment goals give you more time to:
  • Build the assets within your portfolio and 401K, or
  • The cash flow you will need to maintain your current lifestyle, AND STAY retired.

The financial advisors at Child Group Wealth Management based in Boca Raton, Florida commissioned an independent research company to identify challenges many people face prior to retirement.


Child Group Wealth Management in Boca Raton, Florida can help make the entire process easy. We’ll help you establish a pattern before retirement approaches, giving you the consistency necessary to be ready when the time comes. We will also expose you to ideas and products you may not have considered while planning for retirement.


  • Current and soon-to-be retirees have been facing — and continue to face — serious investment challenges.
  • Inflation could be a huge risk. Money may not be worth, in 20 years, what it is worth today. The right financial advisor will take inflation into account while managing your investments and risk.
  • While it is true that technology and improvements in health practices are helping us live longer, the costs of health care can be very high. It is sound to plan for this and make sure assets cover expenses such as these.
  • 87% of pre-retirees say that their expected retirement age has increased due to several factors.1
  • 90% of seniors say their greatest fear is loss of independence.2

  • By a certain time, it is critical to know that you have secured:
      • An adequate net worth; 
      • A regular income for consistent cash flow;
      • Quality of life;
      • Health and life protection;


Remember, Your finances will not take care of themselves, allow Child Group Wealth Management, Boca Raton money managers, to guide you in the process of retirement planning. 

Click on the Steps on the right handside of this page to learn the steps to take and where to start. 

(1) Ruth Helman, Craig Copeland and Jack VanDerhei, “The 2010 Retirement Confidence Survey: Confidence Stabilizing, But Preparations Continue to Erode,” EBRI Issue Brief, no. 340, Mar 2010

(2) Fear of Frailty - Lack of Activity Threatens Local Seniors’ Independence, Sacramento Press, May 2010; Planning for Eldercare, National Care Planning Council, Jun 2009

Where do I start?

Steps and Strategies

Step 1 Formulate a realistic budget

Ask yourself: "What does it take monetarily to pay for my lifestyle today?"

It is very important to be realistic and determine where you stand today and take the steps to achieve that need within your portfolio. Once we have determined your current needs we can set goals related to:

  • Preparing for Retirement
  • Retiring and Staying Retired
  • Funding Your Child’s Education
  • Living the lifestyle your accustomed to throughout your retirement
  • Strategize for your Estate & Inheritances

Step 2 Review your portfolio

Determine if the investments within your portfolio are performing and work together to create a financial plan that allows for consistent cash flow now—or in the future.

  • Is it the time to move over to fixed income?
  • Should you sell investments within your current portfolio that may not be performing?

Life is a cycle and we are constantly changing and growing. By creating a flexible plan, we can help you prepare for financial difficulties, paying for a child’s education, taxes, debts, luxuries, etc. Our knowledge, decades of experience, research and investment strategies, as well as our ongoing advice, give you a disciplined approach that will carry you well into the future.

Step 3 Protect your principal

Child Group Wealth Management does not depend on predictions or the unknown to manage your hard earned money. We study the securities markets religiously, focusing on current and past trends to analyze what is happening now, in today’s market and economy. This analysis contributes to our disciplined approach and creates consistency, instead of reactivity. 

Step 4 Choose the right investments

Attaining a clear understanding of what your needs are will determine your investment strategy and style. This is a crucial first step. Child Group Wealth Management will work with you to make the right investment decisions for any stage of your life.

Step 5 Choose the right advisor

Few things are more important in the world of investments than having a partner you can count on. With Child Group Wealth Management, we insist on managing your security together to help you achieve your goals.

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